Our Technology

Advanced Dental Technology in Kelowna

Advanced dental technology with Kelowna dentist Dr. MalfairWe are dedicated to making sure our office runs smoothly and effectively. To achieve this, we continually update our practice, and we utilize the latest industry technology, including reduced exposure from radiation.

We are here to provide the best care possible, and we believe a major part of this is having the proper equipment. We make investments to ensure we remain at the cutting edge of care.

Digital Radiographs

We have incorporated digital radiographs to massively reduce your dental x-ray exposure while offering our experts much clearer information in an easy to analyze format. This is just one way we help the environment at our practice!

Intraoral Cameras

We utilize intraoral cameras for more comfortable and thorough dental exams. Our small intraoral camera will fit easily and comfortably into your mouth. The camera will acquire detailed images of the oral structures of your teeth and bite, and instantly display them on a computer screen for quick analysis.

Modern Dental Technology

Our team utilizes a CT scanner located at CDI (Canadian Dental Imaging), which is located just one floor below our Kelowna dentist’s office. The CT scanner for dentistry provides us with detailed 3D images that help us do things such as place excellent dental implants and help guide us during complicated wisdom tooth removals and root canals.

Paperless Dental Practice

We have gone paperless! Now all client information is accessible by the whole team, and we can keep your dental appointment seamless and centered on you. This system is much more secure and efficient than paper, and it is also much better for the environment!

Top Quality Dental Technology and Safety

Top Quality Dental TechnologyWe use many new technologies to improve your care including ultrasonic scalers, air abrasion units, advanced cementation techniques, and more.

In order to keep you safe from bacteria or other risks while you receive your care, we have upgraded our sterilization center and protocols to exceed the stringent new sterilization guidelines the BC College of Dentistry has implemented. You can be assured of cleanliness at our office.

We have also implemented equipment and protocols to ensure that IV sedation can be provided safely and comfortably at our office.

We Are Investing in YOUR Health Here at Love Your Smile Dental Clinic!

Receive quality care in an office that meets your safety and comfort needs. Call to schedule your appointment today!