Gum Disease Treatment

Gum Disease Treatment in Kelowna

get gum disease treatment in KelownaHave you noticed swollen gums or bleeding while brushing or flossing your teeth? These symptoms may be signs of mild to moderate gum disease. Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is a common, but dangerous disease that calls for immediate treatment. Our dentist in Kelowna provides gum disease treatment to patients in Kelowna and the surrounding areas in BC.

Periodontal disease is the number one cause of tooth loss. You can avoid needless pain and dental work by seeking gum disease treatment early.

It is crucial that our patients receive regular exams and treatments to avoid the long-term consequences of periodontal disease. Gum disease has been linked to heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Fortunately, Dr. Malfair provides the latest non-surgical gum disease treatment methods that will protect you and your families from these devastating effects.

Non-surgical Periodontal Disease Treatment

At Love Your Smile – Dr. Stephen Malfair, we offer a non-surgical gum disease treatment option called scaling and root planing. During this deep cleaning treatment, our experienced team will remove the bacteria from under and around the gum line. Our numbing gels will keep you comfortable during your gum disease treatment while we return your gums and teeth to optimal health.

deep cleaning treatment for gum disease prevention in Kelowna

Deep Cleaning for Gum Disease Prevention and Treatment in Kelowna

Deep cleaning, or scaling and root planing, offers numerous benefits for treating gum disease. This procedure targets the root cause of periodontitis by removing plaque and tartar buildup both above and below the gumline. By eliminating harmful bacteria, deep cleaning promotes gum healing and reduces inflammation. Additionally, root planing smooths out rough surfaces on the tooth roots, preventing bacterial colonization and encouraging gum reattachment. This process ultimately reduces pocket depth, halting the progression of gum disease. With its comprehensive approach, deep cleaning not only restores oral health but also helps prevent future complications.

treat periodontal disease in Kelowna

Take Advantage of Gum Disease Treatment Advancements

We adhere to the Kois Center protocols during our gum disease treatment sessions. The Kois Center is a continuing education program that allows certified dentists to do extraordinary things. Dr. Malfair is a qualified Kois Mentor who maintains his membership by displaying a working knowledge of the most innovative dental methods and techniques.

We believe that you deserve nothing less than the safest, most comfortable, and most successful gum disease treatment in Kelowna. Kois Mentor, Dr. Malfair, incorporates these techniques and more into his practice to provide his patients with highly rewarding dental experiences.

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