Smile Design

Your Best Smile

Here at Choose Your Smile, we excel at building healthy and attractive smiles for everyone who visits our Kelowna dental clinic for cosmetic services.

    Smile design cosmetic and restorative dentistry in Kelowna

  • Do you have smile imperfections? Do you avoid smiling because of the way your teeth look? Wish you could wave a wand to have a great smile? Do you seek the boost of confidence an attractive smile offers?
  • Are your teeth chipped and worn? Are you worried they are going to keep wearing away to nothing?
  • Does the dental work you get keep failing? Sometimes you have to have the whole system working in harmony to get the results you want.
  • Do you ever experience jaw or tooth sensitivity while chewing? Have you limited your diet to increase your comfort?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to seek an experienced general dentist that offers advanced treatment options! Here at Choose Your Smile, we can help you solve these issues and get you smiling and happy again!

Your First Step to a Great Smile

The first step to achieve your fantastic smile is a comprehensive dental examination in our Kelowna office. This exam will be extensive and we will meet each other to discuss our findings. Dr. Malfair will work with you to determine which treatment options will best suit your needs and goals. When our discussion leads us to considering changing your teeth extensively, then we will have a second stage of information to gather so we can design and plan how to make your new smile together. Whether we are rebuilding a smile that you used to have or a smile that you never had, we start the process exactly the same way we do our homework! This appointment is called a Smile Design records appointment and the knowledge we gain from it will allow us to plan how to best meet your goals, how long treatment will take and the costs. Dr. Malfair will use methodologies he learned as a Kois Mentor to plan this treatment out properly.

To reach our goals, we will use various dental treatment modalities that may include some type of orthodontics if there is crowding we need to unravel or we need to move the teeth prior to restoring them. If the teeth are worn, chipped, too yellow, broken, missing and/or have a mismatched patchwork of dental work of various ages, we will restore them with restorative dentistry (hyperlink) including crowns, white fillings, dental bonding, dental veneers, bridges. We may have to add gums with gum and bone grafting or remove gums if you have a gummy smile with gum sculpting.

Give us a call today so we can get started on your journey to a beautiful smile! Schedule a consultation with Dr. Malfair at a time that works for you