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    Persistent Dry Mouth?

    The Choose Your Smile - Dr. Stephen Malfair Guide To Dry Mouth

    Many residents in our community experience dry mouth occasionally. Some develop dry mouth in social situations or when they are under a lot of stress. Sporadic or infrequent dry mouth is usually not a serious issue. Constant dry mouth, or xerostomia, is not only irritating, it can lead to severe health problems.

    Kelowna people should not take their saliva for granted. Your saliva plays a vital role in maintaining your health. One of its roles is to help digest your food. The moment food enters your mouth, saliva starts breaking it down so your body can metabolize it. If you don’t produce enough saliva to carry out this task your body may not be getting vital nutrients needed to stay healthy.

    Saliva also functions as a disinfectant by cleansing the mouth of leftover food, bacteria, and fungi.
    This helps prevent tooth decay and infections. Many Kelowna residents don’t realize that many of the foods we eat are very acidic and our saliva helps counteract those acids in our mouths.

    I am Stephen Malfair and my staff and I at Choose Your Smile – Dr. Stephen Malfair have been treating xerostomia since 2004. I recommend cutting back on caffeine in such drinks as cola, coffee, and tea. Not only do these beverages stain and discolor your teeth, the caffeine can contribute to dry mouth. I also recommend drinking water throughout the day to make sure you are adequately hydrated.

    Tobacco and alcohol can also contribute to dry mouth. Consult your Kelowna physician if you are taking medication that is causing your dry mouth.

    Dry mouth is not a natural part of aging, so call Choose Your Smile – Dr. Stephen Malfair today and schedule an appointment if your dry mouth is getting worse as you grow older.

    Looking for a gentle family dentist who focuses on preventative dentistry?  I invite you to come visit my practice at 301-1890 Cooper Rd in Kelowna. My caring team at Choose Your Smile – Dr. Stephen Malfair make sure you have a pleasant experience whether you visit us for a cleaning and exam or a complete smile makeover.

    Our dental menu includes teeth bleaching, crowns and bridges, veneers, short term braces, oral cancer screenings, inlays/onlays, cosmetic dental bonding, and sports dentistry.

    Your beautiful smile starts with healthy teeth.


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    Get On Top Of Your To-Do List by Calling Choose Your Smile – Dr. Stephen Malfair

    porcelain veneers price Kelowna

    Is it time to get your life back in order? Call it Spring Cleaning. Call it a Hard Reset.  I like to call the small and simple tasks “cling-ons.” Refill a prescription, change your furnace filter, get your oil changed, replace the lightbulb or make a dental appointment–you get the picture.

    If you’ve been pushing dental work onto the back burner, maybe it’s time to just get it out of the way and move on to your other tasks. Call 778-478-3693 to set up a consultation. Once and for all determine your dental needs and create a uncomplicated, amazing, all-encompassing plan.

    Here at Choose Your Smile – Dr. Stephen Malfair we see patients for many smile adjustments including the following:

    Sedation Dentistry
    Porcelain Veneers
    Cosmetic Dentistry
    Teeth Whitening
    Dental Implants

    Dr. Stephen Malfair strives to provide exceptional service to our incredible patients in Kelowna, British Columbia. At your consultation feel free to ask about veneers, implants, invisible braces, bridges and all things dental. We answer cosmetic dentistry questions all day long and Dr. Malfair knows how to clearly explain the pros and cons related to various treatment plans.

    Since 2004, Kelowna patients have enjoyed having Choose Your Smile – Dr. Stephen Malfair nearby, ready to provide cosmetic dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and dental implants.

    Move through your to-do list today – change your oil, check. Replace that lightbulb, check. Make a dental appointment, check. It feels great.


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    Rather Have A Root Canal?

    Kelowna Endodontics Have you ever heard the phrase ‘I’d rather have a root canal’ to describe something painful or unpleasant? At Choose Your Smile – Dr. Stephen Malfair, we perform root canal (endodontic) therapy routinely for our patients and many report minimal discomfort.

    Root canal procedures have advanced significantly in recent years. For many root canal patients, the procedure is no worse than getting a filling from your dental professional.

    Our goal is to help our root canal patients avoid the necessity of endodontic treatment by providing essential dental care. However, if root canal therapy is necessary to preserve a tooth, we provide the most advanced endodontic treatment in British Columbia

    How do you know if you need a root canal? You should speak with your Choose Your Smile – Dr. Stephen Malfair dental professional immediately if you experience tenderness or pain, hot or cold sensitivity, tooth discoloration, tooth injury, gum swelling, gum pain, or lymph node tenderness or drainage. However, for some endodontic patients, there are no symptoms. That is why it is important to visit your endodontic dentist regularly for a thorough dental examination and dental cleaning.

    Call Choose Your Smile – Dr. Stephen Malfair, at 778-478-3693 to schedule an appointment.
      We are committed to the highest standard of dental care.

    We work hard to exceed your expectations.


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    Six 10-Second Healthy Tooth Helps

    Mission cosmetic dental and tooth implants

    It doesn’t have to take a lot of time to improve your oral hygiene. In fact, you can form a new habit to benefit your oral health in 10 seconds.

    I’m Dr. Stephen Malfair with Choose Your Smile – Dr. Stephen Malfair writing to offer my patients 6 ways to add important dental care to each day in 60 seconds or less.

    Find a better place for your toothbrush.
    Look around. In 10 seconds you can probably find 5 places to set your toothbrush that will allow air drying and can curb the growth of microorganisms that a closed, moist environment would encourage.

    Leave the floss on the counter.
    If you want to build consistency, you need reminders. Deliberately setting out the floss will give you more commitment to use it. And if you see it, you’ll remember that commitment.

    If you’re in 20 seconds already, might as well grab the fluoride rinse and swish away bits of food after flossing and freshen your breath at the same time. 10 seconds is the minimum but 20 is twice as good.

    Smile in the mirror.
    Check out those chompers. Examine for 10 full seconds. Inspect gums for bleeding or tenderness, missed fragments of food, staining, or other concerns.

    Have a water chaser with dark beverages.
    Rinse your mouth with a sip of water when drinking cola, tea, or coffee throughout the day. A mere 10 seconds that will suppress discoloration.

    Call Choose Your Smile – Dr. Stephen Malfair.

    10 digits, 10 seconds, a short conversation and you can secure yourself a consultation with me and my caring staff. I will examine your teeth for far more than 10 seconds and help keep your smile healthy and beautiful.

    Contact Choose Your Smile – Dr. Stephen Malfair: 778-478-3693

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    Keep Teeth Healthy During Pregnancy

    Dental Cleanings During Pregnancy If you are pregnant, your oral health may be the last thing on your mind. However, many women experience an increase in dental troubles during pregnancy. Today’s post contains critical information about oral health for expectant mothers and those planning to become pregnant.

    Dr. Malfair recommends having a thorough dental cleaning early in your pregnancy. Lying in a dentist’s chair can be uncomfortable during the last trimester. A professional cleaning performed by one of the expert dental hygienists, along with diligent brushing and flossing, helps prevent gum problems that are often connected to hormonal changes.

    The American Dental Association has found a positive correlation between periodontal disease and preterm deliveries and low birth weight. If you are currently pregnant and have sore, swollen, or bleeding gums, schedule an appointment today by calling 778-478-3693. Once the baby is here, it will probably be more difficult for you to make time for a dental visit.

    If you receive dental treatment during your pregnancy, be sure to inform Dr. Malfair that you are expecting. This will impact decisions about X-rays, pain relievers, antibiotics, and conscious sedation.

    Hormonal changes cause an increase in plague production which can lead to cavities. If you are eating numerous small meals during the day, take care to brush after eating. If you avoid sweet snacks, your teeth will be less likely to develop cavities.

    Remember, your oral care, nutrition, and lifestyle affect your baby. It is critical that you eat a healthy diet with a variety of foods. A poor diet can harm your baby’s tooth and bone development. Be sure to get enough calcium, iron, vitamins A, D and C, protein, and phosphorus. Your Ob/Gyn can give you specific advice for your age, height, weight, and medical conditions.

    At Choose Your Smile – Dr. Stephen Malfair, we pamper our patients who are expecting.


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    Do I Need A Dental Cleaning If I Brush And Floss At Home?

    dental cleanings Kelowna

    Today’s post focuses on professional dental cleanings. You might wonder if you need a professional dental cleaning if you already practice dental hygiene daily at home.

    The answer is that both processes are essential because they work in tandem to maintain oral health.

    Dr. Stephen Malfair encourages patients to practice preventative dentistry by:

    Healthy diet – fruits, vegetables, legumes, and nuts
    Regular dental cleanings
    Regular checkups

    Dental cleanings increase the effectiveness of your daily oral care by removing the plaque and tarter that can accumulate regardless of daily brushing and flossing. In fact, when plaque hardens, it can only be removed with the special tools used by a hygienist.

    A hygienist will first use a vibrating ultrasonic tool to dislodge the largest pieces of tartar. This process may tickle a bit. The hygienist will then use tools with finer attachments to remove the smaller pieces of calculus. When all plaque and tartar is gone, polishing is the final step in the cleaning process.

    The goal is to make your tooth surfaces as smooth as possible, to prohibit food particles from lodging in miniature spaces that are difficult to clean. If you are having an exam during the same visit, your technician may take dental x-rays. X-rays can reveal cavities while they are small and can be easily filled.

    Let your hygienist know if your teeth are sensitive so he/she can make your cleaning as comfortable as possible. After the cleaning, a fluoride treatment may be given to help strengthen your teeth.

    Before your hygienist leaves, you may want to ask if there are areas you can improve. Your hygienist can tell you which tooth surfaces had the most build-up. If the back teeth are presenting a problem, you can talk to Dr. Malfair about sealants.

    If you have braces, you may want more frequent dental cleanings because food can easily lodge between the wires.

    Call Choose Your Smile – Dr. Stephen Malfair at 778-478-3693 to schedule a professional cleaning today! Your smile will thank you.


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    Beautifying With Bonding

    Kelowna fix chipped tooth

    A cosmetic dentist’s toolkit is filled with handy tools for fixing most types of cosmetic tooth issues. In the past few years, porcelain veneers, dental implants, and same-day teeth whitening have drawn a lot of attention. In today’s post, we are going to talk about an effective, yet relatively uncelebrated dental treatment that has been used successfully for decades. We’re talking about dental bonding.

    The dental bonding procedure uses a resin material that is strong and natural looking. It is applied to the teeth while soft and putty-like, and then hardened (or cured) with a special light. The material bonds with the tooth and can then be shaped and polished.

    Dentists use bonding to repair tooth problems caused by decay, chips, or cracks. Large spaces between healthy teeth can be filled with bonding material, and bonding can safeguard tooth roots if the gums have regressed.

    Discolored teeth can also be lightened with bonding. Since bonding material is easily molded, teeth can be lengthened or re-shaped to more beautiful proportions. Bonding is ordinarily used as part of a total smile redesign.

    I’m Dr. Stephen Malfair, of Choose Your Smile – Dr. Stephen Malfair in Kelowna. My practice offers sedation dentistry, porcelain veneers, cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, and dental implants.

    If you live in the Kelowna area and are seeking quality dental care or have cosmetic dentistry questions, please call my office at 778-478-3693.


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    8 Things You Should Know About Your Baby’s Teeth

    Kelowna pediatric dentistry

    Life is hectic for new moms and dads and some function on very little sleep for several months. At Choose Your Smile – Dr. Stephen Malfair, we don’t want the first year to fly by in a blur without busy parents giving a thought to their baby’s teeth. Unfortunately “out of sight, out of mind” is often the case. It’s never too early for new parents to design a plan for their child’s lifelong oral health.

    1. Before the first teeth appear, wipe gums with a soft damp cloth or piece of gauze after feeding.

    2. Prevent baby bottle tooth decay. Most new  parents are cautioned from the beginning not to put babies to bed with a bottle of milk or juice. However, since baby-bottle cavities is still fairly common, this warning bears repetition. Baby bottle tooth decay is entirely preventable. If your baby will not sleep without a bottle, use only water. Moms who breastfeed should understand that breast milk is just as effective at creating an environment for decay. If your child uses a pacifier, don’t dip it in sugar or honey.

    3. Take your infant to the dentist early. That’s right – infant. Your child’s first dental exam should occur when the first teeth erupt, usually between six months and one year of age.

    4. When your baby’s first tooth peeks through, begin brushing gently with a small, soft toothbrush and a grain of rice sized dot of fluoride toothpaste. This aids in keeping that tooth decay-free while allowing your baby to get comfortable with regular oral hygiene.

    5. From the ages of 3 to 6, the amount of toothpaste can increase to a pea-sized dab. Most children swallow instead of spitting. You don’t want your child to swallow more than a minuscule smear of toothpaste. While fluoride is essential, too much can be detrimental.

    6. Consider dental sealants. Sealants safeguard the teeth and prevent cavities by filling in the cracks and fissures where food particles can hide, breeding detrimental bacteria that doesn’t take long to create cavities. Sealants are especially critical in the back teeth which, due to the abundance of crevasses, are hardest to clean properly. During your child’s first check-up at our Kelowna office, you can talk to Stephen Malfair about sealants. Sealants aren’t usually applied until all of the teeth have come in, but it’s a good idea to seek a dentist’s guidance at your first visit.

    7. Talk to your dentist about pacifier use, thumb-sucking, or any other habits that affect teeth and jaw development.

    8. Teach your toddler to drink from a cup as soon as possible. The fewest months your child uses a bottle, the better. Even if your child loves his bottle, you are going to have to take it away sooner or later.

    At Choose Your Smile – Dr. Stephen Malfair, we love our littlest patients. To make an appointment for your infant or toddler, call us today at 778-478-3693.


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    Top 5 Dos And Don’ts Of Dental Hygiene

    porcelain veneers price Kelowna

    Welcome to our blog and thanks for stopping by. Choose Your Smile – Dr. Stephen Malfair wants to offer you some easy hints when caring for your teeth.

    1.Do… remember you are just wiping the plaque away before it turns to tartar. A gentle toothbrushing at the correct angle can gently wipe the bacteria away. Once plaque has settled into tartar, no amount of scrubbing at home can responsibly remove it.
    Don’t… scrub your teeth and gums until your gums recede and expose parts of your tooth you don’t want exposed.

    2.Do… remember your gums need to be cared for. Proper brushing and regular flossing can keep your gums healthy and strong.
    Don’t… wait to see your a dental professional about sore or bleeding gums, tooth sensitivity or mouth sores.

    3.Do… create a routine for brushing and flossing that leaves ample time to spend a full two minutes gently cleaning all the nooks and crannies of your delicate mouth.
    Don’t… forget to have a new floss package ready to use when your current one runs out. Waiting days to get to the store for more can disrupt a good routine.

    4.Do… make regular dental visits for cleaning and examination by a professional. Call Choose Your Smile – Dr. Stephen Malfair to set up your initial consultation today. 778-478-3693 We’ve got the phones ready! Cancer screenings, cavity checks and removal of tartar from the teeth are vital to maintaining a healthy mouth.
    Don’t… worry if you don’t have the healthiest of mouths. We can help you get back on track. Whether you’re looking for cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, or sedation dentistry, we can restore what has been lost or counsel with you on the best options.

    5.Do… enjoy your mouth and all the wonders it is capable of.
    Don’t… put off coming in to find out about the possibility and cost of cosmetic dentistry, implants, veneers, braces, etc.

    We work hard to exceed your expectations.


    Contact Choose Your Smile – Dr. Stephen Malfair: 778-478-3693

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    What Does A Missing Tooth Say About You?

    Kelowna Mini-Implants When you meet someone who is missing a front tooth, what does that say to you? Do you wonder if they were in an accident? Do you automatically start making assumptions about their income, level of education and overall physical health?

    Though it is extremely unfair, we are often judged (and misjudged) by our appearance. Even if a person is impeccably dressed and groomed, a missing front tooth detracts from the overall pleasing impression.

    Here is a personal story from a woman who lost a tooth:

    I lost my job and along with it my dental insurance, then a month later, one of my front teeth. It has been very hard to find work…. and I know the missing tooth has cost me several jobs.”

    A missing tooth can be a big deal.

    Dental implants not only restore oral health, they restore self-confidence. Dental implants are a permanent solution for missing teeth. Studies have shown that after more than 20 years, the vast majority of dental implants placed by oral and maxillofacial surgeons continue to function at peak performance. If properly cared for, dental implants can last a lifetime.

    Not all cosmetic dental procedures are as extreme as teeth implants. There are many minimally-invasive remedies for unattractive smiles.

    Porcelain veneers instantly provide a perfect, gleaming tooth surface for patients with broken or discolored teeth. Call Choose Your Smile – Dr. Stephen Malfair at 778-478-3693 for more information about smile design and restorative dentistry


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