Trouble Chewing

Difficulty Chewing Concerns in Kelowna

If you have trouble chewing, you may choose to eat food that are easier to chew. These food types tends to be over-processed and less nutritious than healthier, harder-to-chew foods like vegetables, fruits, and meats. These choices over time can affect your general health and wellness, so this isn’t just about teeth anymore.

Causes and Treatment for Trouble Chewing

There can be many reasons why you have trouble chewing:
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You may not have enough teeth to efficiently chew with and/or support your jaw joints. So if you are missing Teeth or have loose dentures, you may want to consider dental implants or implant supported dentures to replace what is missing.

Alternately, you may have enough teeth to chew with, but your teeth do not fit together properly, causing trauma to your teeth and chewing inefficiencies. As a result, your teeth may have worn until they are quite short or too flat.

Sometimes these situations can be addressed with small adjustments to your teeth, though sometimes orthodontics and/or restorative dentistry may be required. Dr. Malfair relies on methodologies he learned being a Kois Mentor to address these cases.

Other times, your chewing system may be fine and harmonious, but your jaw joints may have issues. Temporomandibular joint disorders are often multifactorial in nature. Dr. Malfair is well-versed in these problems and working alongside colleagues such as physiotherapists, massage therapists, and chiropractic partners, he will help you get on the road to wellness!

Finally, you may be overloading a perfectly good set of teeth and joints by chewing too hard, grinding your teeth, or clenching excessively.

Resolve Your Chewing Issues Today!

Whatever your situation, the first thing to do is to figure out what is going on so we should check this out! Contact us today to get started!

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