Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening in Kelowna

girl with bright white smile from teeth whitening in KelownaEveryone loves a beautiful white smile. Bright white teeth can have a significant impact on your overall appearance as well as your self-esteem. Our dentist in Kelowna specializes in providing teeth whitening solutions to patients in Kelowna and the surrounding areas in BC. If you have ever asked yourself, “How can I get whiter teeth?” then you have come to the right place.

Teeth Whitening Options

Here at Love Your Smile – Dr. Stephen Malfair, we offer two different treatment routes to whiten teeth in Kelowna:

  1. Teeth veneers/dental crowns
  2. teeth whitening agents

Teeth Veneers & Dental Crowns

Tooth crowns and teeth veneers to whiten teeth in KelownaTooth veneers and tooth crowns are typically a better choice than whitening agents when a patient has teeth that are cracked, broken, misshapen, or have big fillings or prior dental crowns on them. Tooth crowns or dental veneers are also appropriate for patients whose smiles are resistant to teeth whitening agents, but still want white teeth.

Teeth Whitening Agents

Man with white teeth from teeth whitening treatmentTooth whitening agents are a great option for patients who have normal tooth staining or dullness who want to quickly whiten their smiles. At Love Your Smile – Dr. Stephen Malfair, we offer both in-office tooth whitening and at-home tray teeth whitening options. While both of these teeth whitening options can give you the same shade of sparkling white teeth, they differ in sensitivity levels and speed of treatment. A comprehensive dental exam will help us determine together which tooth whitening option is best for you.

Types of Teeth Whitening Agents

We are pleased to offer two cutting-edge teeth whitening options at our Kelowna dentist office:

  1. In-office Zoom whitening
  2. NiteWhite/DayWhite Trays.

Zoom Teeth Whitening in Kelowna

Zoom tooth whitening is a laser process that will give you the radiant results you are looking for in just a single two-hour session. You can sit back and relax while Dr. Malfair gently whitens your teeth up to 10 shades lighter with the powerful Zoom formula. In-office teeth whitening is perfect for patients who have an important event or special occasion coming up and want to whiten their teeth fast. Other tooth whitening processes can take weeks before you achieve your desired result, but with Zoom in-office whitening, you can get bright white teeth in just one appointment.

Take-Home NiteWhite or DayWhite Trays

NiteWhite and DayWhite are effective at-home teeth whitening methods for patients in Kelowna who prefer to whiten on their own time. The teeth whitening trays are custom-fit to your smile for a comfortable and fast-acting tooth brightening experience. Whether NiteWhite or DayWhite is right for you depends on the current shade of your teeth and your desired brightening result.

Many of our cosmetic dentistry patients have completely changed their appearance and improved their self-esteem with our professional tooth whitening products. Come see our dentist in Kelowna for a complimentary cosmetic dentistry consultation, and find out which one of our teeth whitening options is right for you.

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