Receding gums/Bone loss

Receding Gums & Teeth Cleanings in Kelowna

receding gum lines treatment in KelownaAs we eat and drink, some food is left behind on the gums and teeth and forms plaque. Because nobody brushes and flosses away these plaques with 100% effectiveness, some of this plaque will use calcium from the saliva to harden and stick itself to the teeth and under the gums on tooth roots.

This hardened plaque is called calculus and harbors up to 300 different species of bacteria in a structure you can’t clean off yourself. GROSS! This gets even worse; these bacteria also can:

  1. Drive bone loss around the teeth. This often painless process is called periodontal disease, or gum disease, and is responsible for half of all teeth lost in Canada.
  2. Contribute to bad breath or halitosis.
  3. Breakdown products from the bacteria can enter the bloodstream and affect your heart, blood vessels, kidney function, make diabetes harder to control, and impact your general health.

These are lots of great health reasons for you to get your teeth cleaned in Kelowna on a regular basis. And if the health benefits aren’t enough, cleaning off the calculus can also brighten your smile!

How Often Do I Need Teeth Cleanings?

At your initial Comprehensive Consultation with Dr. Malfair, your history, risks, and the remaining bone surrounding your teeth will be assessed. A frequency interval for deep cleanings will be recommended. This interval will be based on your needs and will periodically be reassessed during the dental exam portion of certain recare visits.

So if we see changes for the worse or better, we can tailor our treatment to you!

Recare Dental Visits in Kelowna

At your recare visit, our highly trained dental hygienists will:

  • Maintain the gums and bone around your teeth with a deep teeth cleaning.
  • Remove the buildup of calculus and stains on your teeth.
  • Help monitor your dental health, so any issues are caught early.
  • Help reduce some sources of bad breath.
  • Offer suggestions for improving your oral health.

Can you fix receding gums and make my gums look better?

It is always much easier and less expensive to prevent bone loss and recession than trying to fix it after it occurs. Once gum recession and bone loss have occurred, we do have grafting and bone regeneration procedures available with Dr. Malfair and his specialist partners.

Let Dr. Malfair Help You with Receding Gums Today!

Please contact us so we can get started helping you right away!

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