You Won’t Be Out Cold (Unless You Want To Be!)

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Does your heart start pounding at the mere thought of having a cavity filled? Do you get sweaty palms when you see a dental practice? At Love Your Smile Dentistry in Kelowna, we can help with sedation dentistry.

Many people who have improved their smile with cosmetic dentistry or underwent extensive restoration care chose to use sedation. Though the terms ‘sleep dentistry’ and ‘oral conscious sedation’ are often used interchangeably, they are not identical. At Love Your Smile, we offer oral conscious sedation and IV sedation.

Oral Conscious Sedation
Oral sedatives, which we provide, are taken about an hour before your scheduled procedure. These help most patients achieve a deep level of tranquility. They do not usually result in complete unconsciousness. But you will be extremely drowzy. Because of this, you’ll need someone to drive you to the appointment, and home afterward.

IV Sedation
IV sedation uses medications similar to those used in surgery. As the name suggests, they are administered intravenously. You’ll be in a deep state of relaxation; most patients are oblivious to what is happening in their mouth. IV sedation is often used for procedures such as root canals and wisdom teeth extractions, and multi-procedure smile transformations.

For more details about sedation dentistry, call Love Your Smile in Kelowna. Our services include general dentistry. Schedule an appointment with us today,

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