Sedation Dentistry

Relax with Sedation Dentistry

All you need to do is drift off to sleep and you will wake up with the smile you have always wished for. Dr. Malfair and the team at Love Your Smile Dental Clinic in Kelowna are specially trained and certified to provide IV Sedation. Ask for sedation and get all of your dentistry done in one visit. Sedation Dentistry is especially great for long appointments. Your jaw is able to relax which creates less muscle tension and ultimately less soreness in the jaw joints.

Also sedation is great for people with bad gag reflexes. While you are sedated, there are no gag reflexes. Another benefit of sedation is that it is an option for people who can never be frozen very well. Have a pain and anxiety free procedure. Above all sedation is an extremely safe way to get dental work done. (75% of dental emergencies are anxiety related and, in regular dental care, patients are unmonitored.) – Dr Stanley Malamed.