Halloween: Sugar Damage to Your Teeth

With Halloween just around the corner your household will soon be filled with extra cavity creating candy. Theses delicious delicacies can take a toll on your family’s teeth.
You don’t want to deprive you children of this fun tradition, but you also don’t want them to go overboard. How can you harness Halloween? Here are few simple tips that your teeth will thank you for:

Set a Treat Time:

  • Children will learn that eating sweets doesn’t mean stuff your face. Moderation is the lesson here.
  • Having a set time can help make children less inclined to think about eating sweets at other times of the day.
  • Let them pick a set number of treats they would like at treat time. Maybe stick around 3 items per treat time.


Brush After You Munch:

  • No matter when the treat time is, have your children brush right after.
  • The longer the sugar sits in their mouths, the higher the risk of causing damage.

Purge the Sack:

  • You can even go through their Halloween haul and pick out the items that are the worst cavity culprits. You can grab items like taffy, sour candies, Pixie Stix and candy corn.

Halloween is always a fun time of year. Children especially love getting dressed up and getting candy. You don’t have to fear the damages these extra treats can cause, you just have to monitor how your family enjoys their spoils.