Daily Oral Hygiene: Put Your Heart Into It

Top Kelowna Family DentistsBrushing your teeth twice daily may help decrease your risk of heart disease. The evidence for this just keeps piling up, which is a reason why we stress dental health and preventative dentistry at Love Your Smile in Kelowna.

Scientists, dentists, and cardiologists have known for many years of the link between gum disease and heart problems. But a recent study analyzed oral health habits and heart disease risk. Science Daily reported on the study, which was published in the British Medical Journal.

“The authors, led by Professor Richard Watt from University College London, analyzed data from over 11,000 adults who took part in a Scottish Health Survey. The research team analyzed data about lifestyle behaviors such as smoking, physical activity, and oral health routines.”

Participants in the study who brush as often had a 70 percent greater risk of heart disease than thoser who brushed twice a day.

To put in the simplest terms, you aren’t healthy unless your gums and teeth are healthy.

At Love Your Smile in Kelowna, we promote  good dental health in all our patients. People from here from Mission, V1Y 8B7, and V1W 3C6 for preventative and restorative dentistry. Schedule a checkup today!

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