Orthodontics for Straight Teeth

Orthodontics in Kelowna

visit our orthodontist for straight teeth in KelownaYou can improve your looks, comfort, and health with just one treatment. Braces are a great way to invest in your smile for a healthier and happier future. Our dentist in Kelowna provides high-quality metal braces to correct any kind of orthodontic imperfection.

How Do Dental Braces Work?

Patients considering braces for teeth may want to learn more about the features of metal braces.

Brackets are metal or ceramic metal pieces that are attached to each tooth.

The archwire is a thin metal wire that runs through each bracket. This wire puts pressure on the teeth that gently moves them into their ideal positions.

The elastic ligatures hold the archwire to the brackets. You can customize the color of your elastics to suit your personal style.

Dr. Malfair helps his patients achieve a comfortable braces experience. He will give you the instructions and advice you need to achieve results quickly with minimal discomfort.

The Health Benefits of Braces Besides Straight Teeth

our orthodontics office gives your straight teeth with dental braces in KelownaOrthodontics give you straight teeth that are better protected from tooth decay. Misaligned or crooked teeth are linked to the buildup of food and decay. They’re difficult to floss and brush properly.

Straight teeth don’t provide hiding places for dangerous bacteria. After you improve your smile with metal braces, you’ll feel more motivated than ever to take care of your beautiful teeth.

You can also avoid irregular bite patterns and jaw joint pain by wearing orthodontics. When you achieve straight teeth with dental braces, you won’t be as susceptible to jaw pain or tooth injury.

The Social Benefits of Dental Braces

Braces for teeth will have a significant impact on your self-esteem. Some patients find themselves embarrassed due to crooked teeth. Orthodontics can permanently change your teeth to give you a smile full of confidence. Metal braces allow patients to live fulfilling social, personal, and professional lives.

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