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Kelowna dental exam during pregnancy

This post from Love Your Smile in Kelowna is for women who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant. Carrying a precious infant can not only consume your time, but your attention as well. But don’t forget your needs and during these critical months – in particular, your dental health.

It’s essential to understand that the multitude of changes your body experiences during pregnancy also impact the mouth. Changes in your hormonal balance are required for growing a new life, but they can also compromise your oral health during pregnancy. Your gums are especially susceptible. In fact, studies have revealed a slightly increased risk of low birth weight and pre-term infants in mothers with periodontal disease.

In order to keep your smile healthy, it is prime to visit your dentist before you are pregnant. If you are already pregnant but haven’t visited a dentist in a while, we encourage you to have an exam. Your dentist can check your teeth and gums and guide you if any changes to your dental hygiene routine are necessary. If there are issues such as gingivitis, it’s a good idea to have your dentist monitor them throughout your pregnancy.

Any treatment—meaning care more invasive than an exam and cleaning —hopefully can wait until after your child arrives. If you have a dental emergency that needs to be addressed before delivery, the best time is during the second trimester. Modern x-ray methods are extremely safe but should be avoided if possible throughout your pregnancy.

When you arrive for your exam, be sure to tell us that you are pregnant. If your doctor has given you special instructions concerning your condition, let us know of those recommendations. Furthermore, give us a list of all the medications and vitamins you are taking.

Your dental health is intertwined with your overall health, and your overall health is intertwined with your baby’s. At Love Your Smile in Kelowna we practice preventative dentistry. Schedule an appointment with us  today!

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